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Most CV writing agencies only spend 1 or 2 hours on your CV, because each member of staff needs to produce 4 or 5 CVs each day. All done using the same CV examples, templates, cut and paste standard statements, achievements etc.

In fact, these documents say more about you, your approach and your attitude to your career than you would think.

A professional headhunter, recruiter, hiring manager or the MD can spot these CVs at a distance, usually they reject you outright, without you even getting past the 1st stage selection process.

We all know, that you never get a second chance to make that 1st vital impression.

97% of CV services offer little more than a traditional CV typing service.

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If you truly want a winning CV that gets you to interviews and portrays you in the best possible light, then it’s a minimum 4-5 day project for us to undertake.

The reason it takes this time? We take the time to understand, unlock your potential, and sharpen your capabilities. Only when confident that we have all we need from you, do we translate that knowledge into a professional winning CV that helps get you through the selection process and to interview stage

We are actively involved in Headhunting, Talent Sourcing and Strategic Selection on a UK and International scale. We know exactly what to say about you, how to say it, and why it needs to be said.

After all the effort, time and energy you have put into your career, a winning CV by Write-a-CV.Com is the logical investment for you to make. Helping you get the job you want, at the salary level you desire and deserve.

A Logical Investment To Make

Six clear reasons to use our CV Service