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FREE CV Appraisal  

Discover the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities of your current CV and obtain an objective critique of your CV by one of the UK’s foremost Headhunters and CV writers.
Because we are actively involved in Headhunting, Talent Sourcing and Strategic Selection on a UK and International scale. We know exactly what your CV needs to say about you, how to say it, and why it needs to be said.
The appraisal will involve a review of the content, format, and structure of your CV and provide practical pointers on how you can improve your CV, to help you get the job you want.
Please be sure to provide details of the type of roles / organisations you are targeting in order for us to evaluate your CV in context, and we will respond by email with our comments on how you can improve your CV for your target market.
Feedback and tips are also available via telephone or SKYPE.
Why do we give you this high value service free?

Our business is built on word of mouth reputation and referrals, we are confident that should you choose to use some of our tips and feedback to create your winning CV, you would not hesitate to recommend us to your friends, colleagues or use our services in the future.  

Simply upload your current CV using the box below.
A CV Letter That Isn’t Tailored Made for You, Works against You, Disqualifying You at the 1st Stage Screening Process.
Areas we analyse for you in the CV appraisal include:




How it fares against the competition

How effective it is for your target job

Areas for improvement