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Write-a-CV.Com - How To Generate Multiple Job Offers Training Course

Each candidate I work with normally needs around 40 hrs of billing/work time invested in them before they are ready to be presented to the market. Because of the amount of work needed for this process I cant work with everyone who needs me.

The only other way I manage to help candidates to make their next moves is, once a month, I present a workshop, with a simple and straight forward aim, ‘to teach you how to generate your own multiple job offers.’

If you are not getting noticed by employers, not getting the interviews, and feel as though you can’t put yourself ahead of your competition, then I can teach you how to take control of your future. Proving that you can, and will find your next dream job, without using any outside agency help.

It’s an intense day; I condense all the experience and expertise I use as a Headhunter, into one workshop.

With course numbers set at a maximum of eight, I take a no nonsense approach, providing you with the tools you need, an understanding of how to use them and a methodology for putting them in place.

Brief Workshop Overview:

How to Reverse Headhunt yourself into a new role:

The hidden job market:

What it is, how to research it and how to use it. How to find the jobs that the agencies can’t.


How they work, how to manage them, and why you don’t need them to find your next role

Your end game:

What is it and how are you going to get there. Proven methodology for defining exactly what job you want and how to get it.

Your target audience:

CEO, MD, FD, HR Director, they all need a different approach. What they want to see and how to present it.

See yourself as an Asset:

How to calculate your ROI from your previous roles.  How to project your ROI to your target company.  How to write a business case proving they need to employ you.

Curriculum Vitae:

What to include, know your audience and what they want to see, from HR, FD, MD and CEO.

Social Networking:

Do you need it, how to use it and get yourself hired.

Interview Research:

Proven methodology, what you need to know and why.

Action Plans:

What to do next, how to do it and review dates planned.

The course isn’t for everyone, due to its pace, intensity and amount of information covered. Use what you have learned on the course and you will generate multiple job offers.

If you want to know more about workshop fees and dates, email me a time when it’s convenient for me to call. Places are limited, as are course dates.

With best wishes for your future success

Ben Johnson

Senior Headhunter

I Personally Place 92% of Candidates into the Unadvertised Market. I Call the Process Reverse Headhunting